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Cats and Dogs Quiz

Are you more Cat or more Dog?

Profile Questionnaires

You will find below a profile questionnaire. There are no right or wrong answers so please try not to over analyse each question just relax and have a bit of fun. However, what I have experienced is that people will have a lead/primal behavioural characteristic of either a cat or a dog.

A little note to the psychometric academics and hardcore theorist’s, these tests have not been born out of a mass population research project and nor does it draw on years of statistical data and testing. They have been created based on my 26 years of working and developing people and thus do not define an absolute way a person behaves in the context of cats and dogs. These tests
merely attempt to help you/the readers of this book to draw on the similarities of how we humans can act like cats and dogs.

For each of following statements, place a number next to every phrase. Use the following system to indicate your preference.

4 = Really does describes me the best
3 = Next best thing to describe me
2 = Somewhat describes me
1 = Least descriptive of me

1) When I meet people for the first time I am:
a) Cautious
b) Curious
c) Friendly
d) Happy to meet new people

2) People tell me that I am:
a) The life of a party
b) The quiet one
c) The person who is always looking out for others
d) The person who sticks to themselves

3) When eating in a restaurant:
a) I generally look for something different
b) I’m not too fussed what I eat because the restaurant is serving the type of food I want to eat
c) I need to read the whole menu before making a decision
d) Not really interested in the menu, I’m hungry so let’s eat


4) When learning new things, I tend to:
a) Get stuck in
b) Be somewhat reserved and need to know more before getting stuck in
c) Prefer someone to show me or lead me through it
d) Prefer to learn for myself


5) At work I:
a) Am happy to work alone
b) Given instructions and then left alone to get on with the job at hand
c) Prefer to be led/given precise instructions
d) Prefer to work within a team


6) During an argument, I am most likely to:
a) Keep quiet and wait for the other person to finish and then make my point that wins the argument
b) Give as good as I get
c) Make it clear from the outset that you are not to be trifled with
d) Avoid escalating the argument and hear the person out


7) When the phone rings:
a) I always use caller ID to see who is calling & if I feel like answering I will
b) Do not bother with caller ID so much and generally always answer
c) I have different ring tones for different people
d) I mostly have my phone on silent/vibrate and check my phone periodically, when it suits me

8) You prefer to work in an environment:
a) Where you are a key part of a team
b) Where you can be left alone to get on with my daily tasks
c) Where you can provide the direction
d) Where there is strong leadership

9) During an argument you tend to:
a) Stand your ground and make my point of view heard in order to win the argument
b) Hold back and wait the right time or moment to make my point in order to win the argument
c) Walk away as you do not like to argue
d) Look to others to back you up

10) When it comes to recognition you prefer:
a) To be recognised as part of the team
b) Recognition for your individual contribution
c) No fuss, it’s not about recognition for you. A pat on the back is fine
d) Make sure my boss recognises my contribution

11) When you go shopping for food:
a) You only buy the food you like and do not tend to try new things
b) You go for buying the top brands
c) Do not mind, food is food
d) You go for that looks & sounds the best

12) When choosing to work for an employer:
a) You tend to be very loyal to your direct boss
b) You tend to be self-directive in your work thus it is not about my boss
c) You tend not to worry too much about who you work for, it’s the company that is most important, not the boss
d) It is important that it sets me up to further my career

13) If you had the choice to take part in sporting games
you would prefer to:
a) Take part in team sports
b) Take part in individual sports
c) You do not have a preference, you like both
d) In a team but want to be recognised for being in an important position

14) In your relationships do you tend:
a) To be the one who strives to entertain in the relationship
b) To not worry about entertaining as long as you are happy
c) You only have relationships where everyone is happy
d) You tend to prefer to be the dominant person in the relationship

Paw prints
ELT - Am I more cat or dog?
ELT - Are you more cat or dog?
Are you more cat or dog?
Are you more cat or dog - ELT
Paw Prints

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