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Hyper HR Workshops & Masterclasses

Workshops & masterclasses

Providing insightful & game changing workshops to create HR business focused outcomes

Hyper HR Presence (Personal & Professional Impact)
Being a Business Focused HR Operator
Leveraging HR & People Data Analytics for Influence
The Influential HR Coach-Mentor

1. Creating intimacy in the workplace for impact 

1. Operating Principals of an Effective Business partner

1. Mastering an Intelligent Analytic Mindset

1. Using Effective Coach-Mentor Skills

2. Developing a the right mindset for impact

2. The Business focused HR operating Mindset

2. Demonstrate the Link Between HR Data and Business Objectives 

2. The Influential HR Manager and Partner

3. Adopting an impactful physiology 

3. Strategic Organisational Development HR Management 

3. Developing the Right Analytical Approach to Data Analysis

3. Managing & leading Stakeholder Management 

4. Developing greater emotional awareness in the workplace

4. Describing the Organisational Model in Depth 

4. Asking the Right Questions of Your Data

4. Leading & Coaching HR/People Transformation & Change 

5. Harnessing impactful communication techniques

5. Connecting Purpose & Process optimisation

5. Presenting Data with Impact and Influence 

5. Coaching Cats & Dogs in the Workplace (Boomers Vs Millennials)

6. Building personal & professional trustworthiness

6. Leading Courageous HR Conversations & Negotiations 

6. Creating a Compelling HR Scoreboard that Demonstrates Value to all Stakeholders

6. Leading Employee Engagement  Experience 

Potential HR Team Learning & Development Journey 

The following workshops can be delivered over two consecutive days either live face to face or over Zoom. Alternatively, split over two weeks in a month 1day every other week etc. 

ELT - Team Learning and Development Journey
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