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Leading Cats and Dogs Workshop

Do you have more Cats or more Dogs in your organisation?

In this one-day workshop you will get a unique understanding of the theory of Cats and Dogs and how we humans can often display similar characteristics to our household pets.

Who is it for
ELT - Am I more cat or dog?

Leaders, managers and HR teams

Workshop Content
  • Profile Questionnaire: Are you more cat or dog?

  • Understanding the context of cats and dogs

  • The differences between cats and dogs in the workplace

  • The 8 strategies for communicating and building relationships with cats and dogs in the workplace

Find out if you are more Cat or Dog by taking a free cats & dogs profile test. Click here to find out… 
Leadning Cats and Dogs in the Workplace
Workshop Objectives
  • To learn a different way to understand people’s behaviour

  • Identify strategies for dealing with cats & dogs in the workplace 

  • To learn a different way to understand the different generations within the workplace

  • To better understand self and what if you are more cat or more dog like in your behaviour

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the generational gap in the workplace 

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