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Multiplayer Online Gamification Learning Simulation

Re-imagining leadership development

Bringing Leadership & Teamwork to life through real-time gamification (MOGL)

What’s a MOGL?



An ecosystem designed for many



Hosted on

the internet



Centered around

a game



Designed to deliver learning outcomes

What's Evivve?

Evivve (pronounced: ee-vyy-v): Redefining Growth is an immersive learning game that provides an opportunity for you to strategize, plan and execute along with other leaders. Its premise is to simulate a series of situations and show consequence of actions.

The Game-play

The entire game-play is dependent on the decisions made by the team - a decision made at the onset of the game has the potential to impact the way in which the entire game unfolds.
As the game progresses it evolves with its protagonists and presents tougher challenges along the way.

Multiplayer Online Game Based Learning simulation designed to challenge & test participants on multiple levels:

Gamification on Mobiles
  • Self Leadership & Leading in a VUCA environment

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Communication effectiveness 

  • Ability to interact under pressure 

  • Ability to understand and master commerce (commercial awareness) 

Key learning gained through (MOGL)

  1.  Improve strategic planning skills 

  2.  Enhance resource management skills 

  3.  Learn to make sense of and operate in chaotic situation 

  4.  Become more agile and adaptive in handling crisis 

  5.  Enhance ownership and team cohesion

  6.  Solve complex problems from various perspectives

  7.  Develop trust and mobilize a team and many more! 

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